Profiles for specific tasks

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The profiles included with Mercalli quickly get you started with an initial image stabilisation. Once you have selected a profile and assessed the result, you can configure additional settings to optimise it. The profiles are divided into the following categories:

Versatile : universal image stabilisation

Handheld camera (Handy Cam) : stabilisation of images filmed using a handheld camera

Shoulder-mounted camera (Shoulder Cam) : stabilisation of images filmed using a shoulder-mounted camera

Tripod : optimisation of images filmed using a tripod or simulation of tripod use

Rescue : stabilisation of sequences with a lot of camera shake, generally spontaneously filmed footage

In Practice (Special application) : stabilisation of sequences filmed in specific situations

Please note:

More than one profile may be suitable for a scene you have filmed.

The effect of a profile depends on many different factors in your original video footage.

If you are not happy with the stabilisation result of one profile, simply try another one that might be suitable. The profile names and descriptions should help you with your selection.

If necessary, optimise the result further using the advanced settings (particularly the settings in the Expert version).

Mercalli Clip3 Profiles for specific tasks

Profiles for specific tasks