Advanced settings (in Standard mode)

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1. Compare view
Select the split screen to directly compare the original with the stabilised image. You can also display an evaluation grid, which gives you additional checkpoints for visual analysis.

Mercalli Clip4 Advanced settings (in Standard mode)

2. Camera stabilisation
Lets you specify whether the stabilised image should rather look “static”, i.e. as though filmed using a tripod, or if the shakes in the original should only be reduced so that abrupt movements are changed to soft movements.
This is a decision only a person can take, based on the video footage being edited, which is why you have this control option.

Mercalli Clip9 Advanced settings (in Standard mode)

3. Camera balance
Lets you specify whether the camera should be held “in balance”, or whether effects such as a certain inertia as is achieved with use of a steadicam should be simulated. This option also lets you smooth tilt movements that may or may not be unintended.

Mercalli Clip6 Advanced settings (in Standard mode)

4. Border area
When unwanted movements are compensated, the frame is shifted. This will result in borders, which can be compensated in different ways. Borders that are thick throughout the original sequence due to strong shakes are undesirable. You can either change the setting to “Static border (upscaled)”, or colour in the border, a good option when the border colours are largely uniform.

Mercalli Clip8 Advanced settings (in Standard mode)

Advanced settings (in Standard mode)