Special video analysis

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Detect shapeless contents

Mercalli generally tries to include the high-contrast contents of an image in the movement analysis. But what if there is no high-contrast content?

In such a case, you could include, for instance, clouds in the analysis, which would serve as fixed points for detection of movement. To do that, select this checkbox.

Detect fast motions

In action-filled video sequences, certain fast movements during filming may be unavoidable.

Such movements are not generally included in the analysis.

Depending on the effect you are aiming for, you may wish to select this checkbox to compensate fast movements.

Detect micro motions

Again, you may wonder why this is not selected by default. Here’s the simple answer: because the detection of slight movements may sometimes be useful, but at other times distracting.

Example: Imagine you have filmed a scene with low lighting.

The camera has been relatively steady, but the footage is a little grainy. This image noise could be misinterpreted during the movement detection. To ignore such minimal movement, you could select this checkbox. By contrast, with super slow motion sequences, selecting the checkbox could even further improve the result.

Please note that selecting this option considerably increases the rendering time!

Mercalli spezielleVideoanalyse Special video analysis

Special video analysis