Expert mode for manual optimisation

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The Mercalli Expert version offers the so-called expert mode.

Clicking “Expert mode” expands the dialog to provide settings options that go far beyond those of the Light version –  not necessarily their number, but certainly their effect…

With Expert mode active, the Mercalli interface has three sections:

Mercalli Clip2 Expert mode for manual optimisation

Left – This is where you find the compare view.

Centre – This section contains the movement detection parameters.

It’s where you set the properties to be included or ignored during movement detection.

Right – The camera stabilisation section lets you specify the type and extent of stabilisation you require.

Bottom right – This is where you specify how to fill the frame border.

Image stabilisation thus comprises four tasks:

Compare view (split screen) + movement detection + camera stabilisation + border compensation

The purpose of the compare view is just for you to visually assess the stabilised footage. The border area settings can be specified according to taste or application.

The key stages of stabilisation are

movement detection (= basis for stabilisation) and camera stabilisation (= what stabilisation should involve). The basics are explained below.

Expert mode for manual optimisation