What is Mercalli?

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Mercalli lets you remove the effects of camera shake, jolts and trembling from recorded video sequences, to enhance the quality of important footage. Mercalli also improves your material by smoothing irregular pan or zoom shots.

Whenever a tripod is not to hand or would be impractical to use, an unwanted effect of agitation results. This is usually the case with unexpected events, which you have to film quickly and without any preparation, to capture a unique situation. Or whenever you can’t use the full range of video equipment, because it would be impractical.

Where such footage is generally well shot but contains some camera shake, and it is of quite some value to the whole video, Mercalli can save the day. Mercalli can rescue and optimise this footage almost fully automatically!

This makes Mercalli a highly valuable tool that’ll rescue and optimise crucial video clips.

What is Mercalli?